• Welcome to Avon Electro Plating Services LTD

    We offer a range of WEEE AND RoHS compliant finishes
    • Bonderite M-NT 160/161 (formerly known as Alodine 160/161)

     (C R Free conversion coating on Aluminium)
    • ZINC Rack / Barrel in clear/blue passivate


    We also offer
    • ZINC rack/ barrel in yellow & black passivates
    • NICKEL Bright
    • SULPHURIC ACID ANODISING, Natural, Grey, Blue, Red, Black
    • METAL POLISHING as a finish or prior to plating
    • ACID dipping


    Avon Electro Plating supply services to...
    The automotive industry, electronics, computer industry, fabrications, sheet metal, engineering , Fastening industries as well as private motor enthusiasts.


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    Zinc Rack and Barrel

    Zinc Rack and Barrel electro plating is wide used in restorating car parts. These parts have been Rack Zinc Plated and finished in Yellow Passivate for clean and proffesional finish.

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    These are some recently polished & Nickel plated components.


    We offer polished, brushed or sateen finish which all offer brilliant results.

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    Silver plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of silver onto a conductive surface.


    The surface normally consists of a conductive metal base which allows a current to be passed through it to form a complete circuit.


    This allows the silver particles in the electrolyte solution to bond with the item being silver plated.

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    These components have been Sulphuric Acid Anodised and Dyed Red.


    We offer a wide range of Anodising services so please call on : 01934 631277 today to find out more .....

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    Bonderite M-NT 160/161

    (formerly Alodine 160/161)

    These Aluminium trays have been finished in Alodine 160/161. Alodine 160/161 is a Cr free process that complies to the new EU directives WEEE & RoHS.


    Alodine 160/161 gives a straw colour appearance to the finish

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    Established in 1976 we're a small Friendly plating company based in Weston-super-Mare. For many years now we have supplied a quality service to many companies in the surrounding area and further afield - i.e. Taunton, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester.


    We offer a quality finish at a fair price so why not get in touch with us for your various plating needs and see if we can help you out. All customers whether individuals, small or large companies will find us eager to help.

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