• Zinc Rack & Barrel Electro Plating

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    Zinc plating provides a high quality, durable finish to steel, brass and copper parts.


    The service for larger, delicate or complex parts is known as Zinc rack plating and is perfect for items that cannot be finished by barrel plating.


    The Zinc coating protects the parts from the effects of wear, as well as helping prevent corrosion and abrasion.


    This will extend the life of the metal part, in some cases for up to thirty years. Rack plating provides a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish to your larger metal objects.

  • Other benefits of zinc plating include:


    Less expensive than Zinc Nickel plating

    Greatly extends lifespan of steel products

    Coating process doesn’t involve any toxic materials

    Excellent ductile and adhesive properties

    Improves overall appearance of metals, giving them a clean and bright look

    Zinc is more electrochemically reactive than steel and corrodes sacrificially, protecting the steel.

  • Before and afters

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